Canadian solar panel

   Canadian Solar produces tier 1 panels. Canadian panel by its name doesn’t carry the meaning of made in Canada. Only 10% of these panels are produced in Canada but those panels are produced for North America only. We purchase most of the panels are from Made in China.

Canadian Solar is a very well-reputed name in the solar panel manufacturing industry. Canadian Solar is considered to be a platform for great monetary value. This company has ranked as the fifth largest manufacturer of solar in the world.  Canadian Solar manufactures and supplies a huge quantity of solar panels in the Australian solar panel market. They set the pricing at a standard that competes with other big companies like Trina and Jinko. Not only price but also their solar quality and solar performance is worthy of competing with Trina and Jinko solar.

Their most popular range The Hiku range uses the Mono PERC MBB cells which are the latest technology in the world of solar production; this really boosts the efficiency of solar panels.  So the efficiency of Hiku range Solar panels is up to 20.00%

Their Panel warranty is a 10-year witch is standard for the industry. All panels are certified of corrosion-resistant and suitable for installation anywhere in Australia.

Higher Efficiency Canadian panels offer a good price and have the power of Sunpower which can be up to 18.3% efficient. The efficiency of the solar panel can be used properly when the roof space is limited.

A variant of panels: Canadian Solar produces a huge range of solar for residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications.  Among all the Ku and Hiku range are the most popular. These panels are available in both Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells.  Ku is available from 295watt up to 335 watts and The Hiku range is available from 325 watts up to 375 Watt.

The mono and poly MBB cell are used in the more efficient configuration in Hiku5 and HiKu6 serais and increase the efficiency of panels up to 21.5%.

Canadian Solar Panel has arrived in the larger companies queue by starting production of high power panels for utility-scale application.  The powerful solar series of Canadian solar are HiKu5 having a power rating up to 545 Watt and Bifacial BiHiKu6, having a power capacity of up to 585 watts.

Canadian solar panel’s weight and dimensions:  Dimension is one of the important things of any kind of solar panel. Generally, residential solar panels are installed in the rooftop, we cannot expand the limited roof space. When we looking to set up a solar system on our roof, one of the main factors we’ll have to consider their size and output power.  Canadian solar panels come in the standard dimension 2022 x 992 x 30 mm to 2108 X1048 X40 mm and their weight 22.5 kg to 25.9 kg.

Canadian Solar Panels Warranties:

Canadian Solar panels have a 10-year product warranty if they fail to perform due to manufacturing fault. For their Dymond panels 25 to 30 years performance warranty is being provided.

The HiDM series comes up with a longer product warranty which is 15 years.

Canadian Solar Panels Warranties

Canadian Solar Service: Having six large customer support centers around the world the Canadian Solar provides great and smooth customer supports to their consumers. The Canadian solar customer support centers are situated in China, North America, Germany, Brazil, Australia, and Japan.

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