LG NeON 2 Home and Commercial Solar Panel

LG solar panel is a giant South Korean company, produces tier 1 panels. They claim that have produced 2 gigawatts of panels in 2017. It produces a high-quality premium solar panel.

With 25 years product replacement warranty, this panel is selling in the Australian market. Their product is one of the best in the world. Meanwhile, their product warranty includes the cost of labor required for replacements of panels. Two models are available in Australia, NeON R and NeON both have 25 years of product and performance warranties.

LG Panel are Reliable

LG claims the quality error is .00003%, in 360000 installed panels only 10 panels have been returned. And mostly due to poor installation.

LG is A Giant Company

LG is a South Koren corporation and it produces Solar Panels. The market share of LG is $14 billion. Its capitalization is so huge that some of the countries haven’t money as equal as LG.

The headquarter of LG is in South Korea capital of Seoul, but solar panel production takes place in the city of Gumi which climate is not good as Seoul. It has been manufacturing its solar panel since in 2009.

NeON 2 Panel and NeON 2 Black Panel

LG Solar company developed their LG NeON 2’s 405W that was a similar physical size to many conventional 320W 72 cell panels. That is the reason LG NeON 2 405W gives 26% more electricity per square meter than a 320W panel. So it’s easy to install more kw of the solar system on the roof than before in the same area.
Every solar panel loses its ability slowly to generate power. LG NeON 2 has an improved temperature co-efficient of 0.36%/˚C than their previous model.

Warranty procedure of LG customers

If your installer has gone out of business, you can claim your panel warranty by showing it purchase card. You can also their customer service NO 1800 042 568.LG ensures that their dedicated dealer network can maintain the replacement under warranty. Lobar costs are covered under the replacement warranty.

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