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About Canadian Panels

Canadian Solar produces tier 1 panels. Canadian panel by its name doesn’t carry the meaning of made in Canada. Only 10% of these panels are produced in Canada but those panels are produced for North America only. We purchase most of the panels are from Made in China.

Their Panel warranty is a 10-year witch is standard for the industry. All panels are certified of corrosion-resistant and suitable for installation anywhere in Australia.

Higher Efficiency Canadian panels have the power of Sunpower which can be up to 18.3% efficient. That efficiency of the solar panel can be used properly when even the roof space is limited.

Canadian Solar Panels Warranties:

Canadian Solar panels have a 10-year product warranty if they fail to perform due to manufacturing fault. For their Dymond panels 25 to 30 years performance warranty is being provided.

To Read more about Canadian Solar Panels in different model ,please check in the PDF file

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