About ET Solar Panels

ET Solar is a Chinese panel manufacturer that was founded in 2005. They produce tier one solar panels with an industry-standard 10-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty.

While ET Solar did have an Australian office, they no longer list it on their contacts page and when I tried to ring them, I found their number had been disconnected, so it appears they no longer have an Australian office.

If a company does not have an Australian office, then whoever imports the solar panels is responsible for their warranties.

Company Location

In 300 Km west of Shanghai there is a headquarters of ET Solar in Nanjing.8.2 million population made it 11th largest city and made them famous three furnace cities of the Yangtze River Valley.

ET Solar Is A Moderate Sized Solar Manufacturer

Solar declared that they have reached 1 gigawatt of solar panel manufacturing at the year-end of 2011. As it founded 2005 with over 3,000 employees, it has become one of the biggest companies in the solar market industry.

ET Solar Panels is Corrosion Resistance

From the datasheets of ET Solar, we see corrosion resistance has not certified as meeting the IEC 61701 standard. If you live in a coastal area within 200m, you would definitely check the ET solar has the corrosion resistance.

ET is A Cell-String Optimized Panel

A single poor panel can hamper other panel’s performance. When the poor panel integrated with other panel in the same cable it occurs. So many companies produce smart panel which never pulls down the performances of the other.

ET has a model called ET-P660 series of panels that optimized individual cell-string. Depending on the circumstances, these panels output is 15%-16.6% efficient.

ET Solar is An AC Panel Built-in Microinverter

ET Solar has AC Module panel which is built-in microinverter. This microinverter helps the DC current to convert into AC current that uses for homes. It’s up to 270 watts DC current to 250 watts AC current.

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