About Risen Solar Panel


Risen solar has a 15-year product warranty not 10 years like others. Its a tier 1 solar panel. The panel has corrosion resistant which makes them able to install anywhere in Australia. Risen Energy has an office in Melbourne.

8.6 gigawatts have made this manufacture a giant and made it a third largest Chinese panel manufacturer.

The efficiency of Risen solar panel is 19.2%.It has 12 year product warranty and 25 year manufacturing warranty.

Risen energy panel model SYP190s-M has scored 2nd out of the 174-panel test. It an outstanding to consider. In 2015 all panels of Risen Energy had done good on this test.

Company history.

It was founded in eastern Zhejiang Province, around 240KM south of Shanghai. While it has not grown as fast as other manufacturers in the market and carries AAA credit rating. AAA means they are rated as trustworthy as a number of US sub-prime mortgages in the year 2006.

In addition, they have target 600 megawatts expansion in the future and right now their production is 250 megawatts.

Warranty of Risen Solar Panels

After installation, if your installer has gone out of the business after the installation, the warranty will be given by Risen solar. Risen has a corporate office in Victoria and 03 9021 7788 is the customer service line. They will be checked your warranty and handle the warranty of their authorized distributors. Labor costs will not be covered under panel replacement of warranty.

 In The Photon Test Risen Energy Panels Came 2nd.

Risen comes 2nd in photon tests.Its model SYP190S-M panel came 2nd out of 174 panels tests. This is an outstanding result where others are not. In the 2015 test, Risen solar come up with good results.

Risen Energy Solar Panels are one of the most reliable in the market.

Risen is one of the top Chinese solar panels is in the market. They are providing 15 years product warranty that is above than other panels. So risen panels should be a reliable and most cost-effective solar panel in the market.

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