About Seraphim Solar Panel

Seraphim Solar Panel is a Chinese manufacturer of tier one panels with 10 year product and 25 year performance warranties. They are certified as corrosion resistant which makes them suitable for installation in coastal areas.

Seraphim Solar has a varity of solar panels. Standard sized 60 cell solar panels are the most installed in Australia.its has also smaller 54 and 48 cells panel but large one is 72 cells. All panels are corrosion resistance and fitting for installing in the coastal area of Australia. Almost all panels have the performance and product warranty respectively 10 years and 25 years.

Manufacturing Capacity

Seraphim Solar was established in 2009 and started with moderate-sized manufacturer of solar panels. Approximately  2 gigawatts capacity was production year-end of 2016.

Eclipse Panels

This is the most efficient solar panel of Seraphim which has Eclipse line made in small, normal size one fifty overlapping solar cells. Polycrystalline version has an efficient 17.1% and the monocrystalline version is 18.8%. At -0.4% their Pmax temperature coefficient is average, which makes them lose heat.

AC Panels

Seraphim produces microinverters built-in Ac panels. The characters of these panels have own individual microinverter and another has two panels to share the microinverter between. Seraphim does not state on their site who makes the microinverter, but it has an impressive warranty period which is 25 years.

Black Panel

Seraphim also produces black standard panels. Its backsheet is black rather than white that why its entire panel appears dark without the white grid lines. By its look black, some people prefer this panel but their performance is not good as other panels. Because they absorb more heat from the sun that extra heat reduces solar panel efficiency.

Seraphim SRP-6MB Panels

Standard sized,60 cell panels have efficiency from 16.3% to 17.2%. Their coefficient of maximum power which is the output of temperature is called Pmax. Pmax temperature coefficient is -0.43% which is slightly worse than average result.

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