what is an inverter, type of solar generator’ what does an inverter do, meaning solar inverter?

Solar Inverter or PhotoVoltaic(PV) Inverter is an electronic device that converts the variable direct current(DC) into a utility frequency alternating current (AC). That can be used by local electrical appliances or fed into a commercial grid. A power inverter is a combination of mechanical effects which does not produce any power, the power is provided by the solar panel. The component allows special functions adapted for use with photovoltaic arrays and maximum power point tracking. At present, the global industry uses 3 different systems of inverters, so for your solar energy system, you will choose one of them.

1. String inverter system:

 Historically this device is the most commonly installed worldwide which are also known as centralized inverters. A string inverter is a short-term cheaper solution due to the lower equipment need compared to a microinverter. One string inverter can handle the energy produced from a row of 5-10 panels. The device is connected to multiple solar panels forcing the performance to be equal to the worst performing panel. Therefore one string inverter instead of 5-10 microinverters can save on the upfront equipment cost for long-term benefits.

 2. Microinverters system:

A micro inverter is another form of module-level power electronics that is gaining more popularity, particularly for residential solar systems. It is installed on each panel in a solar energy system and by this system, you can monitor the power production of each panel. They convert the DC electricity from your solar panels into AC electricity on your roof, without any separate central inverter. sometimes the microinverters are mounted onto the back of the solar panel itself, but they may also be mounted next to the panel on your solar panel racking system. Typically this system is more expensive than string inverters. 

3. Power optimizer system:

 Power optimizers, a type of module-level power electronics that has the same benefits as microinverters but tend to be slightly less expensive. Like microinverters, power optimizers are located at each panel, and instead of converting the DC electricity to AC electricity at the panel site on the roof, it sends it to a string inverter. Where your roof is shaded, the panel level optimization afforded by power optimizers results in higher system efficiency than using a string inverter alone. Similar to microinverters, power optimizers reduce the impact of panel shading on system performance, and you can also monitor your panel-level performance.

Now we present the top brand inverters in the Australian solar market below:

Growatt Solar Inverter

Growatt Solar Inverter
Residential PV Inverter

In 2010 Growatt New Energy Technology Co.Ltd established in the name of Growatt. It produces a Solar inverter in China and it’s a Chinese brand. In the USA, Germany and UK have their production line but the plants are in China. Growatt has also a production house in Melbron Australia in addition it already operating in Sydney. Growatt company specialized in EV charging pile BUs, Storage systems, micro-grid BUs, String inverter, and central inverters with a power ranging from 1kw to 1.2MW and almost 3.6GW in a year production capacity.

It also maintains international standards in production and for this reason, are OHSAS18001, ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified.

GoodWe Solar Inverter

GoodWe founded by JXT Chinese company and is supported by the Chinese Government. The company name is GoodWe ( Jiangsu) Power Supply Technology Co.Ltd.Basically, is especially in producing solar inverters with a power range between 1.5KW and 36Kw. Also produce energy storage inverter and produce single-phase to the three-phase inverter. GoodWe has installed throughout the world more than 12GW of Solar Inverter, including Australia. There is an office in Glenroy (Victoria) that would be a benefit for the Australian Customer. Regarding inverter or energy storage customers can ask for a query or claim for the warranty there, In addition, they have some international offices located in Netherlands, Germany, and the UK.


SMA founded in 1981 its one of the oldest inverter manufacturer
based in Germany, Over 5000 people are involved directly and non-directly for serving to SMA.SMA solar inverters were originally only produced in German factories, but the firm went through a period in 2017-2018 where they manufactured their single-phase “Sunny boy” inverters, which are used in home solar installations, in China. SMA inverters have strong local Warranty support in Australia.SMA Customer Service: 02 9491 4200

SMA Product Lines
Sunny Boy – home and small commercial systems.
Sunny Tripower – medium-sized plants through to multi-megawatt.
Sunny Central – multi-megawatt large commercial and utility-scale.
Sunny Island – off-grid solar applications.
SMA Inverter Characteristics Quality construction and design in Germany. High conversion efficiencies.
Robust – perfect for Australia’s often harsh conditions.Excellence in after-sales service and support.
Solid warranties, rapid turnaround, and low warranty claims.
Monitoring capabilities and access to Sunny Portal, which features almost infinite options for analyzing data and visualizing yields.
Read more about SMA Product https://www.sma.de/en/products/overview.html


ABB (FIMER) Customer Service: 1800 769 663
ABB is a multi-billion dollar Swiss mechanical giant that produced sun based inverters (in addition to other things) in China, Italy, the USA, South Africa and Slovakia.
In spite of the fact that they didn’t exactly accomplish the brand acknowledgment of SMA, I for one evaluated them as similarly as good! They had gained notoriety for unwavering quality and extraordinary client assistance, and as a little something extra they would in general be somewhat less expensive than an SMA. Up to 2013, their inverters were known under the “Force One” brand, when Power-One was purchased out by the organization. The move unquestionably didn’t affect quality, which stayed high.

ABB/FIMER Inverter Warranty

In Australia, FIMER offers a ten-year full replacement warranty on new single-phase string inverters (REACT2 and UNO-DM range). FIMER three-phase string comes with a standard five-year full replacement warranty, that can be extended to 10 years at an extra cost. Sometimes additional warranty may be included as a promotion or part of a solar package deal.

Contact us to Buy ABB Inverter https://solarworldpower.com.au/contact-us/


Sungrow Customer Service: 1800 786 476 
Sungrow Power Supply Co Ltd is a Chinese Company built up in 1997 and works in a few distinctive vitality related specialties, including wind power transformation, inverter creation for photovoltaic system, and energy storage.

The company claims more than 100GW of Sungrow inverter limit has been conveyed worldwide and that it has a 15% worldwide market share.

Sungrow Warranty
Sungrow offers a standard item guarantee of time of five years from the date of establishment and close to six years from the assembling date of a sun based inverter – so’s something worth checking.
Contact us to Buy Sungrow Inverter https://solarworldpower.com.au/contact-us/


solaredge Solar Inverter

Solaredge is an Israeli inverter organization established in 2006. It is most popular for spearheading the idea of a string inverter coordinated with singular ‘DC optimizers’ on each sun powered board. These optimizers permit:
Singular board checking;

singular board streamlining (for example shade or earth on one board won’t influence different boards like an ordinary arrangement)
the fast shutdown of boards on account of a crisis
marginally more vitality age over the lifetime of the framework
A little string inverter in light of the fact that the Multi-Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is completely done at the board.
They have a standout amongst other standard inverter guarantees in the industry at 12 years. The optimizers are justified for a long time.
Here in Australia, the organization runs a neighborhood office in Double Bay, NSW, where they administration the nearby market.

SolarEdge Warranty
SolarEdge prompts clients should contact their Australian office on the number recorded previously. SolarEdge will at that point allude an installer in their system to the client, who will at that point determine the issue to have the inverter and cycle the guarantee.

In the event that you have a SolarEdge inverter introduced, don’t hesitate to impart your experience to us by hitting the green catch above.

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Solax Inverter
SOLAX Home Inverter

Solax is one of the biggest inverter companies in the Australia office in Melbourne. They produce inverters with long term guarantees at competitive prices and 5-year warranties. Solax single-Phase inverters are standard sunlight based inverters that are here and there called grid-tie or non-islanding inverters. They don’t uphold the utilization of battery stockpiling or permit power from solar panels to be utilized when the grid is down. SolaX additionally creates 3 Phase inverters, however as their littlest is 10 kilowatts they are not going to see a lot of Residential use.SolaX Customer Service: 1300 476 529

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