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What System Size And Power You Need? To answer  this question first you need to know few things like.The size of your solar PV system will depend on,

  • The portion of the electrical consumption that you wish to generate.
  • The unshaded area available that is available for your solar panel installation.
  • What is the budget you have in your mind for the solar PV system?

To know the consumption, just check your electricity bill and see whats the consumed unit shown there. And here you will get a fair idea about the regular electronics gadget power consumption chart to calculate your consumption if you do know your bill amount or consumed amount Know Which Gadget Consumes How Much Electricity.

Now, lets say it you 1200 kw or 1200 unit. So that means you have used per day = 1200/90 = 13.33 kw per day. Here again you will have to consider 2 things, 1) Going for battery 2) Without battery.

Now in common we get average 4.9 hrs of sun light in a day through out the year. See here the government stat and check how many hours of peak sunlight you get in your area.. SOLAR GUIDE.

If 1) Going for battery,

Then you need a system which will generate 13.33 KW electricity per day to be completely independent and pay zero $ energy cost. To generate 13.33 KW,

Required System Size And Power = 13.33/4.9 = 2.72 kw.

Now you need to consider system loss and other losses that might take place for for that you can make the system size round about 3 KW. However as this consumption that we have calculated might not be the same always for that you again need to add some more extra, so the ideal system size is going to some where around 4-5 kw for you.

2) Without Battery,

Then you would generate and export the excess amount, how ever based consumption the system you should go for would be,

Required System Size And Power = 13.33/2*4.9 = 1.36 KW.

Adding system loss and usage variables, the system that you can go for would be some where around 2.5 kw to 3 kw.

You can Also Visit Clean energy council website for more information about rebate and other technical details, follow this link to visit CEC, Australia.Here is a simple Calculator for you to calculate solar savings and return on investment.Please switch to google chrome browser for using the calculator.This can also help on finding System Size And Power for Installation. Click Here Calculate Savings And Return On Investment

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