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How does solar energy work to produce electricity?

What is Solar Energy and How Does it Work- In recent decades the people have got a large portion of solar energy supply to the world’s total energy supply.

Solar panels are some kind of devices that are made to absorb sun rays and convert them into electricity. The structure of a solar panel built on some basic formula. This procedure is conducted upon photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic cells are used to make solar panels. Solar Panels continue the conversion of the sun’s energy till the sunlight hits their surface. But this direct electricity can’t be used to run home appliances, to serve this purpose inverter is used which convert the direct current into alternating current. Alternative current is the current which is generally used in houses to run home appliances like TV, Refrigerator, Oven, AC, etc.

By installing solar panels in houses people can fight against harmful greenhouse gases. The electricity we get from the solar plan is clean.  The amount of power, produced from solar panels is enough to meet our daily need for electricity.

It also generates more power during summer days which can be feedback to the electrical grid with the exchange of money.

How does it work?

The solar panel consists of several small cells, which are known as solar cells. The solar cells are mostly made of silicon; this is one more abundant element. Silicon is made from sand after a long purification process.  Silicon atoms are connected with each other. As because they are connected they are not able to move freely.  When the sun ray hit the surface of the solar panel which is made with small solar silicon cells, the atoms inside the cells start moving and solar energy works to produce electricity DC(direct current). This current can not be used to power our home and appliances, here we need an Inverter that converts the DC power to Ac power(Alternating Current ). This Ac power is generally used in our everyday home electrical and electronics application. Solar energy is one of the unlimited sources of energy on the earth and people get it absolutely free of cost.

Why you should go solar?

Solar energy works to produce electricity. A solar panel system is able to produce much of the energy of your daily needs. This can help to balance the amount of energy you need to buy from utility company.

Moreover, if you have a check on your usage, then the solar panel would be able to produce more enrgy than your need and allow making you money through send-in tariff process.

This energy is also green and clean, it reduces your carbon footprints as well.  It helps you combat against the natural threat and greenhouse gas as well.

The source is also unlimited and absolutely free for you.

How much electricity generation can be expected?

The quantity of electricity generation solar system can vary depending on some facts as:

  • Location of the house
  • Climate of that particular area
  • Quality of solar panels
  • Peak-hours of sunlight
  • System positioning
  • Tilt angle of the panels
  • If any shade casting on the panels
  • Individual performance of inverter.

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