30kw Solar System Price: Off Grid, On Grid, Hybrid

A 30 kW solar system has a large capacity and may provide roughly 120 units of power each day. To produce 30kW power, the system requires approximately 60pcs, 500-watt solar panels. Installing a 30kW system will require at least 180-250 square meters of space. This system is appropriate for medium-sized enterprises and organizations, large-scale homes, farms, small schools, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, boarding houses, and guest houses.

If you can harness the power generated by a 30kW PV system, you can install one for your home. However, you’ll need a lot of roof space for this. In terms of payback, a high-quality 30kW system will provide a full return on investment (ROI) in 3 to 6 years.

You should be aware of certain aspects before investing in a solar system, such as its types, best price, designation, subsidy, and top brands. To make things easier for you, we’ve gathered and listed the most accurate information regarding a 30kW solar system, beginning with its cost.

30kw solar system

Types of solar system (Photovoltaic):

There are three types of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in the market including :
1. On-grid systems
2. Off-grid systems
3. Hybrid systems
Each type of solar (PV) system has a different design, components, and applications, depending on the specific energy needs and requirements of the solar user. So it’s worth taking 10 minutes to read through this information and choose the finest solar system for your needs.

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On-Grid Solar System

While connected to the federal energy grid, an on-grid  solar system produces solar electricity for your home or company. Solar panels, an on-grid solar inverter, and various solar accessories are included in this sort of solar system. This technique may be most effective in locations where power outages are common.                

An on-grid solar system can pay you for the additional power generated through net metering in addition to providing electricity during power disruptions.

Off-Grid Solar System

A  off-grid solar system does not require traditional grid electricity to operate. It’s best for isolated places where getting to the main grid line is difficult. Furthermore, you can install this system in public spaces to avoid paying electricity costs.

Solar panels, a solar inverter, and a battery were among the components of an off-grid 30kW solar system. The extra power generated is stored in the battery and will be beneficial in the future. The batteries in a off-grid solar system are powerful enough to handle a 24 kW load.

Hybrid Solar System

A hybrid  system is a solar power system with backup batteries that can function with the government’s electrical grid. That is, a hybrid solar system combines the benefits of both off-grid and on-grid systems. This technique is the most effective for ensuring continuous electricity generation.

30kW hybrid solar is powerful enough to run a 24kW load and generate 120 units per day on average. If this is insufficient, you can obtain electricity from the main grid. As a result, there will never be a power outage in this situation.

Off Grid Vs On Grid Solar panel Specifications

ParticularsOff Grid Solar SystemOn Grid Solar System
Solar System Capacity30.25kW30.25kW
No. of Module55 nos55 nos
Type of Solar Panel144 Cell MONO PERC144 Cell MONO PERC
EfficiencyUp to 21.3%Up to 21.3%
Warranty25 Years25 Years
Solar Inverter24kVA24kVA
Inverter TypeOff-Grid Solar InverterOn-Grid Solar Inverter
Inverter TechnologyMPPTMPPT
Maximum DC Input30kW30kW
Inverter Warranty10-12 Years10-12 Years
Solar Battery21kw.N/A

30kW Solar System Energy Output

The table below gives an estimate of how much electricity a 30kW solar system will generate per day (over the course of a year) in Australia’s major cities.



Name of City

Average daily energy production



















How much cost a 30kW Solar System?

For an on grid installation, a 30kW Solar Power System will cost anywhere from $15000 to $18000. The cost of a  Solar Power System will vary depending on where it is installed, as well as if it is installed on a high shed. The cost of a solar power system varies based on the brand of panels and inverter used. If you are interested to install any type of solar system you can ask for a  free quote.  Click here to get a free quote.


Our 30kW Solar Power System is capable of efficiently producing optimal output for large-scale commercial applications. You will not only save money on energy bills, but you will also be able to represent yourself as a green business owner, gaining your company long-term goodwill.

With a high-quality  inverter and 60 X 500w or 67 X 450w solar panels, you can effectively achieve a 30 kW solar power system at a very low cost

A 30kW Solar Power System’s average payback period might be anything from 3 to 5 years. The payback period is settled on a few factors, including usage during the daylight hours and the type of electrical equipment utilized in the office or shed.

The electrical grid in Australia is one of the most expensive in the world. When it comes to keeping your business premises energized 24 hours a day, a traditional grid may not be the most cost-effective option. If you consume all of the power generated by the solar system and pay a 25c tariff to your electricity supplier, a 30kW Solar Power System can save you $30 per day. When you consume all of the power generated by the solar system. Your annual savings in this situation will be roughly $11000.

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