7kw solar system price Australia, produce electricity and required roof space in detail:

What does 7 kW mean?

When we say 7kW solar system, we mean that your system can generate 7000 watts of electricity at any given time. It will produce 7 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity if it runs at the maximum rate for an hour. It would take 5 hours to generate 35 kWh of electricity.

Unfortunately, that 7kW system does not produce 7kW all of the time in the real world. Clouds, haze, rain, dust, and darkness can reduce the actual electricity production of an installation

Let’s look at an example to understand how a 7kW installation can generate energy because installations in different places produce varying amounts of energy. We can see that a 7kW system in Sydney will create 10,237 kWh per year using PV Watts. A 7kW system will cover around 75% of the average Sydney home’s energy demand.


7.7kW Roof top solar panel

As previously stated, solar energy output and power usage vary by state. In some places, a 7kW installation is more than adequate to cover a home’s entire energy consumption. In actuality, the average size of a solar installation in Australia is 6.6kW, therefore a 7kW system is larger than most people’s

How much electricity will a 7kW solar system produce?

This is the most important thing how much electricity your solar panel produces.  A 7kW  system can provides up to 7.7kW (7700watts) of energy if you install high efficacy solar panel. But the solar production depends on how much sunlight your panel gets in a day. If you set up a 7kW solar system on your roof in Darwin, you will produce about 6kW more energy than if you install the same solar panel on a roof in Sydney. It’s funny to hear that you have to live in Darwin for solar to be a good option for your home – solar is a smart investment where electricity rates are high.
Estimated average electricity output numbers for 7 kW solar energy systems in cities around Australia are shown in the table below. The average Australian household consumes 700 kilowatt-hours (kWh) each month, totaling 8400 kWh per year
The solar electricity output of a 7 kW solar panel system in Australian cities


Average Daily Production (kwh)

Average Monthly Production (kwh)



31 kWh per day

936 kwh

11,242 kWh


29 kWh per day

894 kwh

10,731 kWh


28 kWh per day

852 kwh

10,220 kWh


27 kWh per day

820 kwh

9,837 kWh


27 kWh per day 

820 kwh

9,837 kWh


26 kWh per day

766 kwh

9,198 kWh


22 kWh per day

660 kwh

7,921 kWh


  • The figures above were calculated using Bureau of Meteorology historical solar irradiance data
  • Makes the conservative assumption that the system’s average efficiency is 75%.
  • Assumes that the solar panels are facing north at a 30-degree angle.

Requrie for 7kW solar system

How many solar panels are in a 7kW solar system?

Solar panels for homes- a 7kW solar system using 370 watts to 470W modules will consist of about 14-19 panels. Most typically fall around 370 watts. With 1,000 watts equal to 1 kW, a 7kW installation would need 19‘standard’ panels (7000 watts divided by 370 watts = 18.91, rounded up to 19 panels).
If your roof is narrow and you don’t have enough room for 19 panels, high-efficiency panels are a viable choice, albeit they will be more expensive than conventional panels. To get 7kW with high-efficiency 470-watt panels, you’d only need 14 panels. you can consider using lower-efficiency panels to save as much as possible on installation. However, when we do the math, we notice that installing 370-watt panels brings the total number of panels to 19. The fact that you’ll need 5 more panels may cancel out any savings you’d realize from the lower individual panel prices.
Finally, most homes feel that mid-range panels with a wattage of roughly 370 watts are a suitable compromise between cost, efficiency, and space.

How much area is required?

A 7kW home solar system required 19 to 14 panels, each panel approximately measures 1.7msqm – 2msqm. So the roof area required for the system will be about 33m2-28m2 or potentially more depending on how your roof is laid out and whether tilt frames are required, which need to be spaced out more than panels mounted flush on the roof.

7.7kw roof space

7 kW Solar panel cost:

Demand for 7kW solar systems is growing rapidly in Australian households, with flexible budgets and government rebates rapidly popularizing 7kW systems. A standard 7.7kW system costs around $ 3800 (Trina / Longi Panel & Sungrow Inverter). If you go for a top-quality system that costs $ 6000 (Fronius Inverter / Jinko Panel). Visit our special offer page we provide average costs for 7kW solar systems for economic, standard, and premium solar systems in ACT.

When you examine your solar options, you can maximize your savings.

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