About Us

Solar World with 08 years of experience in the solar system Installation industry, under the trade name Green Power Planet Pty. Ltd. is always confident about getting maximum return on your investment. We are Specialized in commercial and residential solar system installation and we have had experience in working with all most all solar panel, inverter and batteries available in the market. We only use Australian Clean Energy Council Accredited installers and Australian Standard Approved products for each and every installation.Please visit our Product & Services page to know more about the range of products that we offer and the types of services that are available from us. Feel free to request an obligation price quote and assessment and we are more than happy to assist you will all kind of support that you need to your solar system installation.Along with solar system installation we also offer solar system management services with our vast experience in the industry and the common service that every customer needs is professional solar panels cleaning services which can ensure maximum return on investment during the entire life span of the solar system which is 25 years.Your solar electric power system from us, enables your home to generate a portion of its own electrical power from sunlight. More Over, your electric system has been engineered to provide many years of automatic operation without producing noise, or air emissions and without requiring fuel or extensive mechanical maintenance.Solar energy uses the sun to generate renewable power, which is also known as green energy, or clean energy and the most important along with promising aspect is the Power produced by a solar electric system replaces the need for conventional power generation from diesel or coal generators which in return reduces carbon emission.It is estimated that, every kilowatt of installed solar generation prevents 6000kg of CO2 (associated with global warming) and 15kg of NOx (one source of smog) during its operating life. Every kilowatt/hour (kWh) generated by the system means less energy needed from traditional electric utility, which  reduces dead electricity bill. With Expertise on Customized solar system installation to meet your expectations.


Eight year of experience


We are open 24/7


We use only the latest machines

Why Chose Solar World Power?

  • About 08 Years Of Experience In Installing Solar System For Residential And Commercial Uses Which Makes Us One Of The Best.
  • State Of Art Installation Technology And Equipment With Seasoned Solar Power System Designer, Electricians And Installation Team.
  • We use only Australian Clean Energy Council accredited Installers And Australia Standard Approved Products To Ensure Efficient Solar Power System And Better Return On Investment.
  • Guaranteed Workmanship On Every Installation And Ensured Sustainable Product Warranty From The Manufacturers, Which makes us best at what we do.
  • World Class Pre Sale, Post Sale And System Brake Down Support With Round The Clock Customer Services.
  • We Are Local Installer With Offices At Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne;  which enables us to be close to you for any support.


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