Protect Your Investment: The Significance of Solar Panel Cleaning

 The Importance of Solar System Cleaning Periodic maintenance is a necessity when it comes to solar energy use. As solar energy becomes more widely used, there is an increasing awareness of the critical role cleanliness plays in improving solar panel efficiency. Over time, dust, grime, bird droppings, and other pollutants from the surroundings collect on solar panels, reducing their ability to capture sunlight and convert it into energy. This buildup can result in diminished performance and lower energy output, eventually leading to a decrease in return on investment. As a result, regular cleaning is required to ensure optimal energy output and extend the life of solar installations. Our introduction aims to emphasize the importance of solar system cleaning in preserving peak performance.

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Why is Cleaning Solar Panels Important? 

After a few days of installation, a continual process of solar panel cleaning is underway. Efficiency loss for home and commercial solar panel users who never clean their systems can reach up to 25%. Your solar panels may become dirty as a result of leaves, bird droppings, and airborne particles (due to dirt and pollen) and may result in a significant loss on your solar system investment. Power loss is a result of dirty panels because dirt and debris prevent the solar array from operating at its maximum potential.

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How Often Do Solar Panels Need Cleaning?

Here’s a question for residential and commercial solar panel owners: How often do solar panels need to be cleaned? On the other hand, some people or organizations do not understand that the panels may need cleaning and even forget about the panels after installation because they are not in plain sight.

In New South Wales, Australia, the frequency of solar panel cleaning can vary depending on factors such as local climate, air quality, and the presence of dust or debris. As a general guideline, it is recommended to clean solar panels at least once or twice a year to ensure optimal performance. However, if you notice a significant buildup of dirt, dust, or other debris, more frequent cleaning may be necessary to maintain efficiency. Regular inspections can help you determine the appropriate cleaning schedule for your specific location in NSW.


How Should You Care for Your Solar System?

The secret to keeping your solar equipment in good operating order, besides from a $150 annual inspection, is to keep it clear so that it can absorb as much sunshine as possible. These systems are built to be incredibly durable and strong and can provide electricity for the next 20 to 25 years if the sun can shine on them.

Here are some tips to care for your solar system:

  • Remove Obstacles: Extend branches and fallen leaves that can block sunlight. 
  • Clear the Area of Pollen and Debris: Pollen and debris buildup can reduce your energy production. • Monitor Changes: Keep an eye out for any adjustments in your output monitoring system.
  • Consider Purchasing a Cleaning Robot: Automated washing and rinsing all year round.


Professional cleaner cleaning a Solar PV system

Do You Clean Solar Panels with Soap or Any Other Chemicals?

When cleaning soiled solar panels, the specialists at Solar Panel Cleaning Service Pros never use soap or any other abrasive cleaners. Instead, we clean solar panels without causing any harm to them by utilizing pressured deionized water that has been through a superior filtration system. We put a lot of emphasis on utilizing filtered water because using hard water can cause hotspots, reversed polarity, scaling, and even decreased energy output. We also wouldn’t want to leave any residue on the building walls or harm any neighboring vegetation when performing our residential cleanings.

Do You Clean Solar Panels with a Pressure Washer? 

A revolving, pressured, soft-bristled brush used in our solar panel cleaning procedure is safe and efficient since it eliminates debris without endangering the solar panels. Solar panels’ protective lamination may come off if a pressure washer is used directly on them, which could harm the panels and negate some replacement warranties.

Cleaning Service Prices

The typical charge is $8 to $10 per panel. Homeowners typically pay between $150 and $160 for 20pcs solar panel service alone.  Service providers will often set a minimum price for a job, especially if it involves getting on the roof. This way, they cover their time and equipment costs regardless of how small the solar array is. Do not expect to pay less than $150 for this service. Annual cleaning will suffice for the majority of systems. Areas with less rain, on the other hand, can have a greater requirement. The cost of this service will vary depending on the circumstances of the individual homeowner

The following factors will influence your price:

  • Where placed: Due to security and extra labor charge, ground-mounted solar units cost less and additional cleaning service costs for a two-story house.
  •   How long have you been cleaning: If you have cleaned your panels for long periods, your costs will be a bit higher due to more solar panel cleaning kits and labor.
  •   Size: A larger array will take longer to clean, which will increase labor costs. Although the cost of labor for a small array is low, the minimum value is estimated at 150$
  •  Maintenance Agreement: If you have an annual maintenance agreement when you buy the system, your costs will be greatly reduced. If you want, you can make an annual cleaning service agreement with us.

Why Solar World For Professional Cleaning?

With 12 years of solar energy system industry, we know the complete in and out of any small or large solar power system and we know exactly where it can go wrong when efficiency is decreasing to help you protect your investment. solar panel cleaning services can keep up your production of power efficiency year after year.

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