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In this era, people are looking for a commercial solar system that is the most affordable and sustainable energy to adopt for their business on efficiency in cost and scalable lifetime business growth. Here at Solar World, our specialization and expertise in business solar setup across Australia, providing, astonishing solutions to help the business owner to maximize their growth. On your business demand or electricity consumption of your business, we analyze, advise, installation and maintenance for you. Whether you need a 10kw system, a large 100kw solution, or more than that we will suggest a suitable setup for you. Please give us a call if you need a commercial solar system anywhere in Australia, please give us a call today.

In this modern time, every business needs modern solutions by having access to affordable, sustainable power to be considered. While the Australian grid electricity is reliable, it is certainly not much cheap counterrally it’s getting more expensive day by day. Where solar solutions for the home and commercial business purpose are getting the lowest respectively. But here is the date of federal government rebate on solar that shows it’s being deducting the rebate since it started and it shows in 2030 there will be no rebate for the solar system from the government. Our commercial setups are based on advanced technology, expert installation, and up to date maintenance that is the necessity of a commercial solar solution.

Commercial Solar Solutions

In Australia, we operate our business in New south wales, Western Australia and Canberra. if you are from looking for commercial solar in Melbourne or Sydney, we have covered all major markets. Unlike all other companies around Australia, we have 10 years’ experience, knowledge, expertise, and analysis for your commercial solar whatever your requirements we would be configured your home in measured. Along with panels and inverter, we provided leading warranties of all installation kits. For the better performance of panels, we have panels cleaning services from our end.

Here at Solar World, We are giving the best solution and the best product that can be brought. We only use high-quality Tier-1 commercial solar panels from small-medium 10kw to big commercial setup 100kw system. From single ownership and a small store to heavy-duty commercial solutions, we provide all kinds of advanced technology and leading commercial solar installation. The solar world continues serving to grow its client business by saving huge amounts of power bills.

Our installer and expertise are here to help you whether you are trying to install a system in Canberra or Sydney, we are in your need. We also provide a range of flexible finance options for the commercial solar system, proven warranties, and workmanship in our product. With 10-15 years of manufacturing warranty, we also offer 10 years of workmanship warranty and 25-30 years solar panels, and 10 years inverter warranty for a commercial system. if you have any future queries except the above discussion, please give us a call today.


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