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Growatt vs Solis Solar Inverter: Which is Better for Your Home?

Two well-known names in the solar inverter market are Growatt and Solis. Even though both brands are respected for their high quality and dependability, there are some characteristics that might make one brand better suited for a specific application than the other. Let’s analyze these two brands more closely and contrast their attributes.

Growatt vs Solis Inverter

Inverter's Efficiency

Both Growatt and Solis inverters have efficiency ratings of more than 97%. Growatt, on the other hand, has a minor advantage in terms of efficiency, with some of its models giving up to 99% efficiency.

Solar Inverter's Guarantee

A standard guarantee of 5 years is provided by Growatt and Solis, with an extended warranty of up to 10 years available on some models. On the other hand, Growatt does not give a 20-year warranty, but Solis does on its top-of-the-line machines.

Power Output:

While Solis inverters range from 0.7kW to 255kW, Growatt inverters provide a wide range of power outputs, from 750W to 100kW. Solis may be a better option with a larger solar power setup.

Solar Inverter's Operating Functions:

Both Growatt and Solis have a variety of functions, including WiFi connectivity, remote monitoring, and defect detection. However, Solis features a more user-friendly interface for monitoring and operating the system, making it easier to use and understand for homeowners.

Inverter's Price

Growatt inverters are normally less expensive than Solis inverters in terms of price. This can, however, vary depending on the model and the amenities it provides.


Overall, both Growatt and Solis are trustworthy brands with high-quality items. The unique requirements of your solar power system ultimately determine the choice between them. Solis may be a better alternative if you require a high-power output inverter. Growatt, on the other hand, maybe the way to go if you favor efficiency and price.


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