How does solar power reduce your electricity bill? 

 More than two million (About 21% ) of  Australian households now have rooftop solar panels. We solarWorldpower are working to enhance the supply of renewable energy through innovation that will help to reduce the power bill significantly.  However, Using solar panels will not only reduce your electricity bill but also make you a  contributor to the fight we are fighting against global warming. By connecting investment, talents,  and technologies to ensure more innovation, we  are focusing on building the foundation of a renewable energy ecosystem in Australia. We believe in sustainability, along with providing the best value to our customers. 

We offer three packages from which you can choose the appropriate package according to your convenience. zero your electricity bill with solar power. 

  1. 4 kW System: The 4-kilowatt package is targeted at small houses. With this package refrigerator,  energy-efficient lights (up to 10), LCD TV, washing machine (1 load a week), dishwasher (2 loads a  week) can be run easily. And this package manages to save your bill up to 250-300$. 16kw  electricity generates per day. 
  2. 6.6 kW System: Though the number is odd 6.6kw Solar System is said to be the standard size for homes in Sydney as it produces enough power to meet the requirement of medium and large houses. It is not only powerful but also affordable in Sydney. It is also easy to get. 

Why 6.6kw Solar System

6.6kw Solar System has become very popular among solar users in Sydney because of the following  factors: 


Broad Size 

Easy to get approval in terms of connecting to the grid. 

Maintenance cost: zero your bill with solar power

Usually, panels have at least 10 years warranty, some companies also provide 25 years of warranty for panels and inverters usually have 5 years warranty, 10 years warranty can also be got for the inverter which means there would be no maintenance cost for at least first 10 years.  

firstly, How many panels for a 6.6kw solar system?

The number basically depends on the wattage of each panel. If the panel wattage is 300W then there would be 22 panels, but in the case of a 330W panel, it would need 20 panels. High wattage panels are preferable because they consume less roof-space and easy to install. It is also time and money-saving.  

Secondly, How much roof space is required to install the system? 

Around 35 square meters is required for a 6.6kw solar system. It’s a general idea of how much space 6.6kW occupies, based on 300-watt panels, 330w panels would occupy around 32  square meters. It also depends on how the roof is laid, it will require more space if a tilt frame is needed.  

What inverter size is required? 

The most common combination in Australia is a 6.6kw solar system with a 5kw inverter.  That means a 5kw inverter is ideal for a 6.6kw system because according to rule one can have a solar system oversized by 133%. That indicates to have a 6.6kw solar system one can get an invert of 5kw. There are 6.6kW solar systems on the market that are “overclocked” with a  5kW inverter. 

The popularity of this package of 6.6kw Solar system with 5kw inverter is increasing nowadays  because of the following facts: 

It produces more power. 

Easy to get connected with the electrical grid. 

Already approved package. 

It certainly saves money to install a system with a panel capacity bigger than inverter capacity. 

Inverter determines the maximum panel capacity 

What is the pay-back period? How does solar power reduce your electricity bill? 

Usually, the pay-back period of the 6.6kw solar system is 3-4 years if the consumption is 40%. It is quite obvious to recover the initial cost of the system by this time period. It also helps to save money by reducing power bills and producing excess powers. One can earn money through a feed-in tariff by selling the extra energies produced by the system.  

This package is targeted at medium houses. You can run downlights (up to 20), LCD TV, washing machine (3-5 loads a week), dishwasher (up to 5 loads a week), refrigerator, computer, and small air conditioner easily. And you can save your bills up to 350-450$ through this package. The average electricity generation is 25kw per day. 

  1. 10 kW System: 

A 10kw Solar System is likely to be the biggest as residential systems get. But it is also the common name among many residential and commercial solar users in Sydney.  

The 10kw solar system can absorb 37kw power/per day on average.  

With 27 panels of 370 watts each, the entire system would include 33 CEC. 

Why one should go for a 10kw Solar System?  

There are some certain reasons to go for a 10kw Solar System, the reasons are:  • If someone uses more than 35kw electricity per day then this system is the best option.  • When the electricity demand is higher during winter  

  • If anyone has a plan to add a battery.  
  • If anyone plans to get an electric vehicle 

Subsequently, Whether the 10kw system is right or not?  

“Average consumption of electricity per day” is the main fact to be analyzed for knowing whether the 10kw system is right for you or not.  

is If your daily consumption of electricity is between 32kwh to 40kwh then u must go with the 10kw  system because this is said to be the ideal size of the solar system for houses and business who uses  40kwh electricity daily during daylight. This would generate a similar amount of electricity daily and also would allow you to increase comfortably your daily consumption of electricity if needed.  

This system is also recommended to ensure the maximum return from your solar system.  But for a note: all the heavy appliances should not be run at a time; the run time should be divided so that the solar system can ensure the supply of power to meet the requirement.  Though 5kw and 6.6kw systems are very common in Sydney 10kw system is also on the large side.  This is the perfect choice for houses that use a large amount of electricity daily and also for the business with the consumption of electricity on average 40kwh per day.  

So, the bigger is better.  

How many panels for a 10kw Solar System?   

A 10kw Solar system usually consists of 30 to 40 panels. To be more specific a 10kw solar system needs  34 panels if each panel is 300w. So, the calculation is such: 34 X 330W = 10200w.  How much roof space is occupied by a 10kw Solar System? or How does solar power reduce your electricity bill?    

Generally, it would need 600 square feet of roof space to install a 10kw solar system.  But still, it depends on the size and wattage of the panels.  

As 10kw Solar System consists of 30 to 40 panels then it would occupy an area of 51 to 62 square meters.  

If it needs 34 panels so it would need 54.4 square meters of roof space because usually, each panel is about 1.6m x 1m. 

It will need more space if the title frame is required. 

Do you know? How Much energy can be generated by this system?  

The amount of energy generation by 10kw Solar system basically depends on • Location of the House  

  • Position of the Panels  
  • Local climate  
  • Sunlight peak hour  
  • Angel of the panels.  
  • Position of the system  
  • Shade casting  
  • Quality of the panels  
  • Individual performance of battery, inverter, and panels.  

Depending on the above factors a 10kw Solar System produces 35-40kw energy per day in Sydney.  This system produces enough power for a big house if the bill is above $1100 per quarter.In Sydney 40kw is enough for 2 to 3 houses to run. This means it produces approximately 12000 kilowatt-hours a year.  

But the power generation changes with the season. During summer solar panels produces more energy while less energy is produced by solar panels in winter compared to summer. 

This 10 kW system is targeted at large houses. Subsequently, A halogen light consumes 75% more electricity than energy-efficient lights. But you can use more than 20 halogen lights with this package and moreover you can easily run refrigerator, LCD TV, washing machine (5+ loads a week),  dishwasher (5+ loads a week), clothes dryer (5+ loads a week), large or multiple air conditioners,  pool pumps, computer, etc. And you can save your bills up to 550-650$ through this package. And  The power generation amount is 25kw of per day. 

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