Residential Solar Packages

By installing a residential solar system we can get free power for about 25years. Did you know? Utilizing the one-hour sunlight from all over the world could be transmitted into energy that meets 6 months electricity demand of the world… isn’t it sounds crazy !!!

Using solar power is a great way to start a better life, environmentally responsive, and self-sufficient in producing one own electricity. Residential clients of ‘SOLAR WORLD POWER’ mostly choose 6.6kw installation, 10.3 kW solution, 13.2 kW system according to the roof size and need of electricity. Our CEC accredited experts team is always ready to customize it for you whenever to knock on the chatbox below or subscribe with us.

Want to know more about residential solar service? Here we go …

Get away from electricity bills – Altering a solar panel system allows you to get rid of increasing electricity bills. You can set up for 100% of your energy needs and also for partial need. However, it will help to add some money to your savings.

Less maintenance and high longevity – We “Solar World Power” ensure the best quality for your best user experience that’s why products lust with the best longevity, and our 25 years warranty policy backs you up from your high maintenance cost.

Reducing carbon footprint – To tackle the issue of a worldwide temperature alteration it’s expected to reduce our carbon impression. In  Australia, households generate almost 18 tons of greenhouse per annum on average. It’s estimated that if a family uses our 5kw solar system could save over  10000 tons of greenhouse gases per year.



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