Residential Solar service

Solar energy is growing all over Australia in a few years. All residents are taking solar advantage in financial and concentrating on environmental benefits with this outstanding technology. Here, we Solar World has reached out in a result that for the residents’ solar systems will start from 5kw installations through to 6.6kw solution and 13.3 kW system. For all these setup and solution Solar world provides the most experienced expert who has been working in this solar industry for almost 10 years. All homer who is going for the resident solar system is getting tremendous advantages on cost-saving bills, getting surplus electricity, environmental benefits. Please give us a call or book today for your residential solar system in your Australian home.

Residential Solar Panel Save your Money

Residential solar systems are the best way to save money for your electricity bills. The electricity grid in Australia is the most expensive where the solar price is declining day by day. Aussie is finding an alternative way to settle the highest price of the grid. So, solar power is the most efficient to control over electricity and its bills. The most sustainable and energy generation for a single or large home is solar energy which is budget efficiency. After installation a solar system for your residential home, it is so easy to maintain, cheap to operate, low cost to service and use more electric appliances than usual for your daily life.

Residential Solar Systems are renewable

Residential solar energy is sustainable, environmental, easily accessible and friendly energy to use for homes. Carbon is being produced 15.37 metric tons (2014) every year, being neutral on this issue and homeowners are more concerned about global warming and they are looking for more natural friendly energy. Obviously solar energy is the foremost step to take. Here at Solar World, we believe in sustainable energy to establish a green world concept and it starts from here. We provide a long term solar solution to every homeowner and ensure all sized systems accessible for small to large families according to their needs and power consumption.

Solar World advantages

Solar world Ltd is a full solution provider for solar panel installation to maintenance. For the betterment of solar performance, we so provide solar panel cleaning service to residential homes. With more than 15 professional installers who have more than 10 years of experience and CEC accredited installer and trained, We have installed more than half-million solar panels in 11 years Business expand with 0.005% damage rate. On our every installation we guarantee 10 years workmanship warranty and 10-15 years manufacturing warranty and 25-30 years performance warranty on our solar products( panel/inverter).24/7 customer service in 365 days. We appreciate our dedicated customer service.

Along with all product services, Solar world Ltd. is also flexible and free of their customer. We also prefer finance options on our all products and services and have a stick-on our policy that is illustrated for you to go easy. Furthermore, with all industrial expertise and quality product and service, we have been spreading our services all over Australia. If you are looking for the best and reliable partner to serve for your resident solar installation please give us a call now.


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