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Solar Inverter is a kind of  device that converts direct current electricity either to alternating current for stand-alone systems or to provide power to an electricity grid. The most critical component of every solar power system is solar inverters. There are two main roles they performConversion of DC to AC: Direct Current (DC) is generated by all solar panels; a solar inverter is needed to convert this into Alternating Current (AC), the type of electricity your home will use.MPP tracking: solar panels’ working conditions – the strength of sunlight and temperature of the panel – fluctuates during the day.This implies that the potential voltage and current.The solar panel are still changing as well.The solar inverter dynamically selects the exact combination of the two that will generate the most power in a process called maximum Power Point (MPP) monitoring.String inverter: A string inverter is a single, standalone device that converts solar panel power from an entire string (or strings). String inverters are convenient and inexpensive, but they appear to be the least efficient.Inverter with power optimizer: Connected to each panel are power optimizers. At the module stage, they perform MPP tracking; the optimized DC power is then sent for conversion into AC power to the string inverter. It will increase your cost by combining string inverters with power optimizers, but allow your device to t the module stage, allowing each panel to produce usable AC power. They’re excellent at dealing with problems such as better shading.Microinverter: Individual panels are often connected to microinverters.They conduct both MPP monitoring and a shade of power conversion (like power optimizers) and have the extra benefit of making it easy to extend your solar system. However, they are the most costly form of inverter.Hybrid: This inverter is a single unit combination of inverter and battery. They are bidirectional and involve the operation of a battery. 


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