Best Solar System in Sydney

The solar system in Sydney is a great option for its residents, a fairly sunny place, and the average rooftop receives about 5 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of raw sunshine per day. Solar panel price is decreasing in the last few years so the solar panel is much more affordable now for your rooftop. Sydney is the best place for the solar system, around 20-25% of its residence installed solar system in Sydney. Solar World Power is giving you the best solar panel installation; design to implementation and after-sell service in Sydney. We provide a variety of solar products for both residents and businesses.

Is the Solar system affordable in Sydney?

Solar system price was high ten years ago, now it is affordable for you because of government plan for green and clean energy. Government is giving incentives and rebate for renewable energy, meanwhile, electricity price is increasing day by day so solar power demand is increasing in Australia. Solar World Power is giving many offers for Sydney residents.

Government rebate for the solar system:

The government is giving you a discount for the installation of solar in the form of Small Scale Technology Certificates, or STCs, discount amount varies for market factors, the deeming period, and zone rating. Zone rating depends on how much clean and renewable energy produced by your solar system. The government is giving interest-free loans for battery and solar PV.

Solar battery and Feed-in tariff:

Solar battery store electricity that doesn’t use immediately however are often used in the evening. Solar batteries are resourceful and you can save electricity for later use. There is another option, sign up for a feed-in tariff with your electricity provider and it will save your unused solar energy.

What is the advantage of solar panels in Sydney?

By switching to clean and renewable energy you can save thousands of dollars per year in energy costs. Your solar system cost will be payback within 4 to 5 years. Your property value will increase. By switching to solar you are contributing to carbon reduction. As electricity price is increasing, solar energy can save you few dollars.

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